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Friday, 9 December 2011


The students have been focusing on the facts that are called 'Doubles."  That means the same number is added to itself.  They drew a monster and whatever they drew on one side had to be drawn on the other.  Thus, the monster had 3 hairs plus 3 hairs and 5 eyes plus 5 eyes.

When they wrote out these numbers as a mathematical sentence they noticed a pattern!  The answers are like skip counting by twos!  Tonight the students will be bringing home the 'flash cards' that they make in class.  Please practise so that each student knows them as quick as a wink!

 Within the classroom, the students practised first in the " I have...Who has..." game.  They noticed that they did not all know these facts.  They then paired up with a peer and played a game called "On the Double" which supports the learning of the facts in order to be the first to acquire the winning number of bingo chips.
 Winning isn't everything, but in this case, it is encouraging the learning of the double facts!

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