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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The 50th Day of School

Back on the first day back after Fall break, we celebrated all things "50's"
We learned about the way children dressed and compared it to today.  We also compared cars, restaurants, clothes, toys, books and toys. Some things are very different than today!

I laughed because my 'modern' version of a music player was an iPod, and the children didn't know what that was!  Our world is changing so fast!
Here's all the gals...
and guys in their finest!  Love the white t-shirts and leather jackets along with the rolled up jeans!
We did a little experiment before the students got to taste their root beer floats.  In one glass we put the ice cream first and in the other glass we put the root beer first.  The students were amazed at how different the results were!

They didn't all love it but they were good sports and all tried this 50's favourite.
We also learned the steps to make a bubble with bubblegum.  
We had a lot of success!
I really do believe that their favourite activity was our little 'sock hop'
We watched a few old dance shows using Youtube and the students knew that the dancing was going to be pretty fast.  We tried the hand jive, the twist and a couple of steps of the jive.
The smiles say it all!

They really were delighted that they had to dance "boy-girl"
Every time the music changed, they had to change partners.
When they wrote about their thoughts about dancing, one girl said "my skirt didn't go up as high as the girls who danced in the 1950's."  I loved that attention to detail!

They cruised off into the sunset with this pink cadillac!

We're dancing in phys. ed. class now and today my class was able to teach another Gr. 2 class how to do the twist!  It was so much fun!

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