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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sock Baby Jesus

Thanks to Lacy Rabideau for sharing her Catholic crafty talents with the world, and with our classroom.  I wonder if she knows how far her influence goes in this world?
Step one:  Fill a new child's white sock with 'fibrefill" stuffing.
It should look like this.
Step two:  Use an elastic to keep the stuffing in, just below the ribbed part of the sock that would go up the leg.  Pull that ribbed section down over the stuffed part of the sock, then fold it back up so that it resembles a little cap on the head of the baby.
Step three:  Use another elastic to create the head and body by putting it on the filled sock, about 1/3 head and 2/3 body.
Step four: Tie a white ribbon over this elastic to hide it.
Step five:  Use a sharpie pen or a thin felt pen to create the sleeping eyes, little nose and mouth of the baby Jesus.
Step six: Swaddle baby Jesus in a cozy blanket made from a triangle of fleece.
Step seven:  Fold down the edges of the cut off bottom of a paper lunch bag.
Step eight:  Cut the upper portion of the paper bag into strips which will be the hay that the baby Jesus will lie on top of in the manger.
 I told the children that for every piece of 'hay' that they added to the manger, they had to make a promise to Jesus, that they would keep in the season of Advent.  It warmed my heart to bursting to hear them say, quietly, as they filled the manger:
"I promise to eat everything on my plate." "I promise to let my little sister come into my bedroom."  "I promise to be nicer to my friend and let them chose the games we will play at recess."  "I promise to go to bed without arguing."  There were a LOT of promises made and I know they were made with sincere hearts.
The final result was this darling baby Jesus laying in the manger on a bed of promises.  The students took them home with instructions to lay the baby under the Christmas tree, because HE is the reason for this season that we wait for.
They were so very proud of their efforts and I know it will be something that they will gladly pack up  with the tree ornaments and bring out year after year!  Thanks again Lacy for this adorable connection to our Catholic-ness.

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  1. Lacy is my niece and I just shared this post with her in a text. She was delighted and said she LOVES sock baby Jesus!