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Sunday, 20 November 2016

The week that was......

On Thursday November 10, the students did an amazing job of leading the school's Remembrance Day assembly.
Each and every one had a part to play and they told the story of why we remember.
We were lucky enough to have Sergeant Barden come and join us.  He has served our country for 23 years, completing two tours of duty in Afghanistan and a tour in Croatia.  He added the human element to our ceremony and we were grateful for his willingness to be part of this special observance.

At the end of our time together, each child was given a toy soldier.   Here's what the children were told: Put this toy on your dinner table or by your bed or some other place in your house where everyone can see him.  This toy represents a soldier from Canada who is not at home with their family.  Instead they are somewhere far away in another part of the world.  They are fighting for us.  They are fighting for peace. When you pass by this toy in your house, ask God to be with this soldier.  Ask God to keep the soldier safe.  Ask God to bring the soldier home.
Did you know that dogs are very curious about cats?  The students have completed writing about cats and are reading their composition to their puppies.   Here's their planning sheet.  They took three of these ideas and expanded on them on the following sheet.

The students are working on writing sentences that give lots of information such as this one:
Cats love to munch.  That is why they have sharp teeth.
Cat's eyes are not made like ours.  Their eyes are made to see at night.
Along with a introductory and closing sentence, these became lovely pieces of writing.

Of course, the cats needed to have their portraits done. Did you notice this patriotic cat is sporting a poppy?

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