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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A new year...a new school...a new room

I'm sure that most teachers would agree that the beginning of the year is in September, not in January!  This year is even a little sooner, as 25 lovely little kiddies started their second year of schooling today, August 30!  June 30th, our last day seems so very far away!  There is tons of learning and fun coming our way over the next 10 months.
Outside of my 'little' room I have put up this display, which will feature the students' work.
Our classroom door reminds us that we have many new roles to play.  Our three rules are to:
BEE respectful
BEE responsible
BEE ready

Class begins at 8:45.  The expectation is that the students will be in the classroom, with all of their coats and shoes put away in their locker area and boot rack, and their classroom items brought in to start the day promptly.  Please help your little ones feel ready by ensuring that they are not late and feeling embarrassed by having to come in after we have begun.  Our day starts right on time!
Our classroom # is 146.  Our main entrance and exit is at the back of the school, down the corridor past the washrooms and five other classrooms.  If for some reason that exit was blocked, in an emergency, we would use the corridor that goes past the two sets of coat racks towards the garden area.
Here's our view from the door.  We have little to no room to get around with 7 tables to house the 25 students.  I expect that we will gain even more as the year progresses.  The students have a blue bin to keep their various pencil cases in.

They should have a 'stash' box for their pencil crayons and a zippered case for all their felt markers.  As well, I have provided each student with a case of highlighters that they will use during the school year and return to me at the end.  We share in this room!  You might notice the chair pockets that hold  'Rise and Shine' binders in them.  Kanga pouches and Bee binders (which will come home for the first time tomorrow) will also be kept in the chair pockets until they can be packed away in their backpacks later in the day.
As we come in, the "I Can..." board will highlight what skills we are currently working on in class.  These are also known as 'objectives', and are dictated for each grade by Alberta Learning.  We will look at the calendar every day, learning about passing time, and the sequence of numbers and days.
Over in the opposite front corner is our reading nook.  It is a tiny space where we will meet for whole class lessons and book reading.  The black bins in the shelving/benches hold a variety of classroom games and manipulatives.
Here's a quick look at our table spots.  In the centre of each table is a tote that holds glue sticks, erasers and pencils for the students to share.
I've carved out a little corner for myself, that houses my many manuals, binders and plans for ensuring that the students get the most of each and every lesson.  Right in front of my desk is a shelf with pencil crayons for those who need a colour to borrow, other classroom supplies and next to the desk is also my computer station.  This classroom does not have a SMARTBoard :(
The table is covered with papers for the next few lessons along with the BEE Binders that will make their way home tomorrow.  Please look inside each and every day to learn what special activities or supplies are needed or information is being shared with you.  I try to give you many, many ways to receive information, with the BEE Binder, group e-mails and this blog, serving you best.  I may not be able to make 'another copy' of something for you so please find a place to put all those important papers in your house so that you can find them.  At the back of the BEE Binder is a zippered pouch where all your papers can be returned daily.
We'll be reading and writing and spelling and exploring and observing and doing mathematics and listening and thinking and wondering and making mistakes and learning each and every day.

If your child needs to miss class, I will understand.  Please understand that I can not replicate our vibrant, discussion filled, spontaneous learning atmosphere with a worksheet.  

I truly look forward to working with all of the little ones that you have trusted into my care.  My prayer is that at the end of this year, you will be amazed at how far they will move in their journey towards being the very best that they can be!

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