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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Snowflake meets the Gingerbread Man

Look where we found Snowflake on Monday morning!  She was hanging out with our gingerbread people inside of their house!
She brought us colourful pencils with HUGE erasers on the end!  I hope that doesn't mean she thinks we make too many mistakes!  
On Tuesday morning, she was spotted in the corner of the puppies' cage!
Snowflake brought a friend to play blocks with on Wednesday and then...
she brought a game for all of us to play this morning!
We have been comparing a variety of Gingerbread stories.  Who knew there were so many?  We noticed that the titles usually tell us who the main character will be, that there are different characters in different books and that the Gingerbread person says a different 'refrain' in each story.
So many books to choose from,
and read to a friend.
Today, we finally got to taste gingerbread!  Each student got a cookie and was able to add the features using icing and small candy bits.

Once each child was done, we created a 'map' to show which part we bit first, second, third and fourth.

Using this information the children went around and collected the data.
They looked very official with their clipboards, writing their data onto a chart and then transferring that information onto a graph.  They are becoming more and more independent in this skill.

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