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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Catching Up post

I am soon sorry that I haven't posted for almost a week.  The computer at school have been giving me nothing but trouble!  Can't print, can't get to sites, can't download photos!  It has been a bit discouraging!   Trying to catch up now......
Our books about Moonbear by Frank Asch have led to a great deal of understanding about how the Earth revolves around its axis to create one day, then travels around the sun to create the seasons.  Once around the sun is one year.  The moon also revolves around the Earth and that creates the phases of the moon.
On Friday, Moonbear's story led us on a baking adventure.
The students learned how to read the basic recipe printed on the back of a cake mix box.  They learned that recipes have two parts, one that lists the ingredients and one that explains the method.  There are many, many verbs in the method that we were able to discuss.
The result of baking, was a chance to do a little eating!

I just noticed those two sweet faces in the photo!
On Tuesday we heard a knock on the door and this parcel was delivered!
Inside was a letter from the desk of Santa Claus....
and our scout elf!  We are pretty sure she is the same one that arrived in my class last year, so she is again being called Snowflake!
Here's Snowflake on Wednesday morning, sitting up on top of the speakers of the SmartBoard.
She seems to be happy with what she sees!
I am happy to show you these smiling faces!  All of these very grown up children have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  I am so proud that they are able to understand what is right and what is wrong and are willing to share their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  What a truly 'grown-up' step for each of them!

See you all at the Toy and Turkey Bingo on Friday night here at the school!

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