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Monday, 7 December 2015

How our week ended....

Sometimes it feels like technology is not my friend!  Blogger, which manages my school blog, was having difficulties this weekend and I couldn't post.  Sorry this is a bit late!
This photo of Snowflake eating Mrs. Claus' Crullers, by the boxful (!) was from Thursday.  They look yummy!
There was also this lovely note from Jingles, saying that Snowflake had let Santa know that the students had really been wonderful the day before.  It's always nice to get a compliment!
The students finished off our bears unit looking at two stories about Corduroy.  In this series of pictures, the students were working with a partner to find what words Corduroy said at particular points of the story.  

By working with a partner, they were able to focus on ensuring that they were finding the correct answers.  They had someone to confer with.

Hope to catch up with our new work tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

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