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Monday, 12 January 2015

Using what we know...

The real purpose of learning at school is so that we can apply that knowledge to real world situations.  
Today the students paired up and counted a large quantity of objects.  The instructions included having the pair of students use a strategy that was efficient. 
As many groups as there were, was just about how many strategies were used.  It is important to know that there are many different ways to get to the answer.  Those are the strategies.  Choosing which one works for you is important.  Being efficient is the ultimate goal!
Some groups counted by ones, some by 2s, some by 5s and some by 10s.  We met and discussed which way worked the best.  The children also labeled the boxes of items with the quantity inside.  It was a great reminder of what happens when you have a write a number that comes after the quantity of 99! 
The unit we have begun after Christmas is called Hot and Cold Temperature. Every morning we look at what the temperature is going to be as the day goes on.  What clothing should be worn naturally becomes part of the discussion.  How do we tell the weather?  How do we read a thermometer and how do we write the temperature?  We use this large thermometer to set the temperature for the day.
The students sorted a variety of temperatures to demonstrate where on the thermometer each would fall.  Just for fun, the children then became a thermometer.  Sometimes these types of lessons make the biggest impact and are the easiest to remember!

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