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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Literacy Bags

Congratulations to this cutie who has been working hard on a home reading program and was awarded a certificate for moving up to a new level!  Hard work pays off!
Just a quick note about our Friday Literacy Bags....
I do so appreciate when I get a note that something is missing, but please remember that you agreed to ensure that everything in the bag, would be returned.  If you lost something from the bag, I would appreciate you replacing it.  I am now off to buy another book that was torn, buy three toy animals that are missing, another plastic measuring tool and then later I will have to reprint pages because pieces are no longer in bags, laminate them, cut them out and  put them into the correct bags.  That's after phoning four families tonight who hadn't returned bags on Monday.  I understand you all have busy lives.  I love working with your children and put in lots and lots of hours to ensure that your children have many opportunities to try new things.  Please help me out by ensuring that the items are all returned in the bags on Monday.  It will be so much better for our kiddos that way.  Thanks!

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