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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I've been working on the HUNDREDS!

According to Alberta Learning, one area that students in Grade Two  should be comfortable in is number sense.  The students will demonstrate their understanding through being able to do the following:
Specific Outcomes
1. Say the number sequence 0 to 100 by:
• 2s, 5s and 10s, forward and backward, using starting points that are multiples of 2, 5 and 10 respectively
• 10s, using starting points from 1 to 9
• 2s, starting from 1.
[C, CN, ME, R]
2. Demonstrate if a number (up to 100) is even or odd.
[C, CN, PS, R]
3. Describe order or relative position, using ordinal numbers (up to tenth).
[C, CN, R]
4. Represent and describe numbers to 100, concretely, pictorially and symbolically.
[C, CN, V]
5. Compare and order numbers up to 100.
[C, CN, ME, R, V]
6. Estimate quantities to 100, using referents.
[C, ME, PS, R]
7. Illustrate, concretely and pictorially, the meaning of place value for numerals to 100.
[C, CN, R, V]
8. Demonstrate and explain the effect of adding zero to, or subtracting zero from, any number.
[C, R]
9. Demonstrate an understanding of addition (limited to 1- and 2-digit numerals) with answers to 100 and the
corresponding subtraction by:
• using personal strategies for adding and subtracting with and without the support of manipulatives
• creating and solving problems that involve addition and subtraction
• using the commutative property of addition (the order in which numbers are added does not affect the sum)
• using the associative property of addition (grouping a set of numbers in different ways does not
affect the sum)
• explaining that the order in which numbers are subtracted may affect the difference.

That's a lot to know!

Sometimes practising needs to be a little different!  The children need to be able to demonstrate their understanding concretely, numerically and pictorially.  This website was very popular.  Perhaps your child would like to try it at home.  When the students are in Grade Three, they will be taking a government exam early in the year.  Part of the exam is completed on the Chrome books.  Learning how to log on and get to a particular location in the WORLD WIDE WEB is an important skill to acquire and be independent at.  It was so exciting to have all 23 students on chrome books at the same time.
The students were working on the Number Grid Fireworks game both yesterday and today.
 Access can be found at

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