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Sunday, 30 November 2014

'Tis the Season!

Happy birthday to our little girl angel who turned 8 years old on Friday!
These two models are showing you all that the Grade two classes are going to be angels at the Christmas concert on December 10th.  When I was at Jean Vanier Catholic School, I had sewn 19 angel robes, which they have allowed us to borrow.  This weekend, I sewed another 15 for a total of 34.  That means that we are 10 short for the two classes.  If you have an angel costume at home, or if you know a neighbour or relative that has one, please ask if our school could borrow it!  If we do not have enough, then we (the two Gr. 2 teachers) are asking that any little girl who has a white dress (perhaps an opportunity to borrow a sibling's Communion dress??), consider wearing it for the concert.  Please contact either teacher as soon as possible so that we can organize the logistics of who is wearing which costume.
Speaking of organizing....there are 19 sets of angel wings lent to us by Jean Vanier Catholic School.  They are relatively easy to create.  They are cut out of hard cardboard, taped for strength down the centre (both sides), hole punched and then looped with sewing elastic so that the children's arms can go through.  They are embellished with tinsel that is hot glued onto the cardboard.  The budget to make more is exactly $0.00!

I will organize a location here at the school for any moms who would like to help make more, this THURSDAY, December 4th @ 9:00 a.m..  I will see whether the school can provide the cardboard and wide tape.  The tinsel and the elastic will have to be donated.  Let me know if you can come to create these for the kids.  The ones you create will stay here at the school so that this work won't have to be done again.  Maybe grandmas or aunties would like to help!?!  Again, I can't provide the tinsel or elastic, but it is relatively easy to purchase at the local Dollarama.

I am hoping to send home a note tomorrow explaining a number of classroom projects that the students will be participating in, during the last three weeks before Christmas holidays.  The note will ask for some support both financially and with your presence!  Again, letting me know if you can come and help by writing in your child's agenda is best!

In this season of Advent,  FAITH  makes all things possible, HOPE makes all things work, LOVE  makes all things beautiful!  May you have all three for this Christmas!

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