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Thursday, 20 November 2014

On Saturday, we await our treasure....

The students had an amazing time creating their treasure boxes.
They loved each and every detail, from the gold foil paper,
to adding the jewels inside.

They loved the sparkles, the glitter glue and the gold ribbon.

What was the reason for creating treasure boxes?
What was inside?
They are the gifts of the spirit that each child will receive when they spend time with Father on Saturday and make their first confession.  They are the treasures of Reconciliation.
                                Increases my treasures in heaven
                                       Helps me say no to sin
                                    Makes my soul more beautiful
                                        Takes away my sins
                                     Restores grace to my soul
                                          Helps me to be good

I couldn't resist sharing this lovely image....totally engaged with the lesson!

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