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Monday, 24 November 2014

How to 'attract'.....

Here are some of the wonderful students from Madonna who took the big step to go to confession.  They know the difference between right and wrong.  To all the parents who led the children on this path to a closer relationship with God, thank you for being such an important influence in your child's faith journey.  Many of the church staff commented on the way that families gathered together and the respectful way the children were attired.
Congratulations to all our students!
This morning our class participated in five hands-on stations all about the wonders of magnets.
Thank you to the 3 moms and the dad who led us on this path of discovery!  The children learned about magnets having two poles, north and south.  They understand that these poles create a magnetic field.
They learned about electromagnets and how they are used in real world applications such as moving smashed up cars in an auto wreckers' yard.
They learned about the strength of magnets and how they had the power to attract items through various materials.
They found out that many toys use magnets in them and created one of their own!
They learned that not all items are attracted to magnets.  
Here are some questions to ask:
What would you find in an object that is attracted to a magnet?
When does a magnet repel?
What everyday objects have magnets in them?
What is an example of a permanent magnet?

It was a fun morning!  

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