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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Your child might come and tell you that they did not do anything at school today!  Not quite true, but true in the sense that regular curriculum was put away today as they all were given the INSIGHT assessment, a new tool that all Grade 2 students in Elk Island Catholic Schools have been directed to complete.  The assessment is actually pre-recorded onto a DVD.  Using the SmartBoard and the computer, the students are given oral directions, examples and a count down timer is displayed.
Here's an example of what the SMARTBoard looks like with an appropriate answer being displayed for the students to see.
Each child has their own assessment booklet and their answers are recorded inside by filling 'bubbles' next to the chosen one, often using a multiple choice format or a yes or no format.
The children used 'offices to allow them to have a private spot to work in.
It was a long, long morning!

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