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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

On Wednesday we were welcomed along with another school from our community to our Catholic parish, Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
Because of the bishops' congregation, Father Pierre was our priest.
The church was full of children from the age of 5 to 10.  The sound of laughter and excitement was everywhere.  The 'Hymn Squad' from our school led the congregation in happy song!
The two littles ones from my class were so proud that they were able to receive Communion.  The rest of the children went up for a blessing.  It will be wonderful for the others when we return to mass  at the church closer to the end of the year, and they will also be able to fully participate.

Here are some of my lovelies from last year.  In Grade Four, the students receive their own Bible.  It is touched to their foreheads, mouth and chest so that the Word of God can be in their minds, on their lips, and in their hearts.
Back at school, the students are getting into the spirit of Halloween by studying bats.   They paired up and read some nonfiction books about these creatures.  As they found facts, they then added those facts to their sheet, and also added the page number from the book to prove that they could confirm the new learning.

They worked co-operatively and diligently!  This topic is proving to be a real hit with them all!

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