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Friday, 17 October 2014

BUGS in my hair!

Here's a book you might want to see if you can sign out of the library.  It's a funny and non judgemental look at the reality of head lice, which often find their way into classrooms.
Had I known about their existence in our room before the end of the school day, I would have sent home the bright green pamphlets with your children today.  Another teacher suggested I needed to blog about it!  Hope you are all reading this post this weekend so that you can get a head start on treating the little guys!
I took a series of photos of the front of the pamphlet that gives you some information about the treatment.  Remember, the little bugs play no favourites and it is not a sign of uncleanliness to find that they have decided to invade your life!
It really is important that you begin treatment immediately and be diligent in searching for the little bugs and their eggs each and every day for at least a week.  Like fruit flies, they are not so very easy to eliminate.
With our impending swimming lessons, please ensure that you do not allow your child to share combs or brushes.  Hats should only be worn by your own child.  I suggest that all hats be given a thorough washing over the weekend as well.  I know that the health centre has great information, as do all of the pharmacies.  There are special kits that you can buy, and looking for the nits and removing them each and every day will make this 'little' problem go away much sooner!
Happy weekend!

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