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Friday, 22 February 2013

The Joy of Children

I am reminded again and again how blessed we are to have our children in a Catholic school where the Word of God is the divine lesson for each of us to learn.  Yes, those other subjects are so very important, but that each lesson can have God's Word freely spoken, is so very lovely.  We saw this again today as the Grade Seven buddies came to visit, this time assisting us in our Lenten Journey.
The students have learned that during Lent we are asked to fast, to pray and to give alms.
Starting on Monday, the whole school will add an extra prayer to our morning prayers, to be given in the name of those who know and those who we don't.  The students spent time together, creating little representations of these people for whom we will pray.  They will be put up in our little prayer corner at the front of the school.
The joy of having our buddies work with us is evident.
Each student thought of whom they would like to include in their prayers during Lent,
then created a drawing of that person, known or unknown,
adding the details until,
it was evident that they wanted to pray for so many, including soldiers, health care workers, policemen, fire fighters, and those who live a religious life, as well as so many others who touch our lives.
This wonderful project was found on the blog, and I am grateful for the willingness of the blogging community for sharing their ideas.            
What joy, when on a wintery day, large feathery snowfalls gently fall, and I catch them on my tongue!
Each student followed this directed drawing activity
then added the details to make the child into themselves
adding colour with oil pastels
and using a sparkly snowflake sticker to stick on their tongue!
 For the creative bloggers who shared this art activity please look here and here, too.

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