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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

If you're smarter and you know it, clap your hands!!

Look what greeted our little darlings this morning!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Today was the 100th Day of School!
There were enough activities planned to keep us busy for days!
Thank you to each and every teacher out there for sharing at least 100 ways to celebrate this day!
I used so many wonderful ideas to make this day memorable for the students in my room.
Each student got  a "1" and two "0"'s to spur on their imagination and create something...
a wonderful guitar
a bird's nest with two eggs
a ring toss game
a monster truck
As a way to visually show what 100 looks like, the Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, and 3 classes
all met up in the gym and counted off.  Today we had 110 students, so that large ring of kids is 100.
The last 10 got to be the special ones in the middle.  We are actually larger as we had many students away today and I heard that two more darlings will be joining our school community on Monday!
Back in the class, we interacted with 100 at a variety of centres:
We looked at how many drops of water 100 is,
made a snack of 100 pieces 
(thanks for sending in the food parents!!)
used 100 geometric shapes to create something
weighed 100 popped and 100 not popped popcorn seeds to determine which weighed more
tried to buy $100.00 worth of books from the book orders (YIKES)
used 100 LEGO blocks to create an original piece 
I found these after school as I was cleaning up...pretty cool creations!
Any excuse to dress up!! What fun they all had as they showed up in their finery, as 100 year old children!  Love the purse and pearls and the cane with the newspaper!
The children really enjoyed guessing what each child brought in their bottle.  

It really was a lovely day and I know that '100' is a solid concept for each and every student!

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