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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Loving February

This month, the students are adding 'spelling' practise to their Word Work during Daily Five.
The cards have letters in a mixed up order.  The challenge is to use the magnetic letters to create at least five words, plus, unscramble the letters to make the mystery word.  The students seem to be enjoying the hands-on approach!
Each card has a clue, so they know the curricular area that the word comes from.
The students have learned many, many strategies for adding subtracting in their three years at school.  They will be working towards learning an 'efficient' way to add larger numbers.
I was surprised to learn, when I did my Masters, which focused on math and science, that people in other countries do NOT use the same algorithm (method) to solve these types of addition or subtraction questions, as we do in North America.  Our method can easily lead to errors.  It is so very important that the students understand the 'why' of this method, and not just follow the 'pattern.'  One thing that I insist on, is NOT using the words "carry the 1" because they are actually moving a group of ten.  It may seem like a small, insignificant detail, but to a student who is just learning, it is important that they understand what is actually happening. 
The Grade One, Two, Three and Four classes have close to 100 students total.  To celebrate both the 100th Day of School and Valentine's Day, they co-operatively created this bulletin board.
Don't judge the spelling!
The sentiments were so warm,
and heartfelt!
Each heart made me smile!
Friends, learning, teachers,
make this school go around!

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