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Monday, 15 October 2012

Using Halloween to Learn!

There is nothing students love more than Halloween!  It's a wonderful opportunity to use the season to introduce new learning!
The students put together these lovely witches.  Being able to follow oral directions is an important skill and here was a fun way to practise!
Even though each child had the same pieces to use, each was able to show their own creativity.
The students labelled a picture of a witch and learned that things that can be touched and labelled are nouns.  They then had the opportunity to use adjectives to describe the noun "witch."  Over the course of the next few weeks, they will be recognizing the nouns and adjectives in many different activities.
This work is pasted onto the back of the witch shoes (with the aabb patterned socks).
Using this old African American spiritual, the students learned a whole lot about bones, their proper names, their placement and their shape and size.
Each then got the opportunity to create their own skeleton using q-tips!
Same idea...they all got the same materials, but each one looks different!
There's a whole lot more to learn this coming up week and I will attempt to post at least twice so come check out the classroom blog each and every day.

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