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Monday, 1 October 2012

Turkeys? What Turkeys?

This was a lovely idea I saw on another teacher's internet site a year ago.  It took awhile for me to track down the story that she had used as the basis for this fun family project.  Thank you to all the parents who indulged me this past weekend and shared 'homework' with their children.  They were absolutely elated to share that 'it was my dad's idea' or 'mom took me to buy the stickers' or 'my sister helped me with....'!  Sometimes just doing small things like this fun project will create lasting memories.
 Remember, there are NO turkeys in any of these photos....instead we have a lovely autumn bush complete with berries....
a millionaire hockey player.....
SpongeBob Squarepants
                                                                        Darth Vader
and Fancy Nancy!
I could have taken a photo and shared each and every one because they were all that good!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all...and I am wondering what you all will be eating this weekend, because there doesn't seem to be a single turkey around this community!

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