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Friday, 8 June 2012

What's important

Sometimes, in my classroom, I am reminded of what's really important.  It isn't that a student gets an answer correct.  It isn't that the test results were in the high average range.  What's important is that my children are ready for life.  They know how to co-operate...
work together for the same goal....
share and take turns. Sometimes it's all about the fact that many hands make light work.  Sometimes it's about the revelation that comes from doing.  My favourite insight came as one girl looked at the printed picture directions as she was attempting to know what to do next to make the castle and she said...
"This would have been much easier with words!"  Hooray!  She knew the reason that we have written out directions in sequence at least half a dozen times this year!  I was so proud!
We had a 'surprise' visitor this morning.  A fireman crawled into the classroom (literally) and asked the children if there was any sign of a fire.
He showed them all of the equipment, explained the reason the equipment was needed and spoke through the special microphone to show them that the sound might be different, and he may look scary, but a fireman would always be there to help them if a fire were in their house.  They are never to hide.
The best part was when he took off his mask and revealed himself as the father of one of our own classmates, who is celebrating his birthday this weekend.!  Dad was given a big hug for this great gift!
The father and his partner gave a wonderful presentation which the children were so actively involved in!  They asked question after question and were reassured that with planning, they could always count on getting out of their homes safely and that the firemen would arrive to help.  They all went home with a stack of fire safety booklets and pamphlets.  Please take the time to have a home fire drill this weekend and set out a plan for escape routes and meeting spots so that your children know the plan.

Thank you for the well wishes and notes about the upcoming transfer.  As sad as I am to be leaving this school, I do believe that God's plan for me will be revealed in time, if I could just be patient.  I love teaching and am glad that I again will be at a school that I worked at, at the beginning of my career.  If you are interested in assisting me be ready for the new adventure, remember my dedication to bringing technology into the classroom.  I will be ordering another iPad later this month and would love to be able to start a fund towards the purchase of a third one.


  1. I love what you believe is important. They are important to me as well.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks Tammy! As a fellow teacher you know that children won't remember all the facts that we ask them to, but if they remember how to learn, how to ask questions, how to work together, how to persevere, then I believe that they are ready for the next teacher!