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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Multiplying Our Knowledge

In the second grade mathematics curriculum, patterns appear everywhere.   
One of the objectives that the students strive to achieve is:
Demonstrate an understanding of increasing patterns by describing, producing, extending and creating numerical (numbers to 100) and non-numerical patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds and actions.
Multiplication is a pattern.  Here's an example:  1x3, 2x3, 3x3, 4x3 and 5x3.  Do you know what comes next in this pattern?
                                                   We can use manipulatives to produce,
                                                                           and extend.
Knowing that numbers follow a pattern is so very important for these young learners!
They love the opportunity to try to understand something that they have seen their 'big' brothers and sisters do!  They will have to know the facts up to 5x5 next year in Grade 3.  For this year, understanding the concept is what is important!

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