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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Every year the students in Grade 2 and 4 are asked to make prayer bags for the Grade Twelve students at Archbishop Jordan High School.  These bags are decorated and then filled with a water bottle, a granola bar and other such treats, along with a prayer for that student, who will be studying and preparing for Diploma and final exams later in June.
On Monday, the Grade Three students from our classroom were invited to come to the high school and read a prayer to the students at a little ceremony.
Someday these little ones will be as big as those happy students behind them!
(Some of those big ones were once my little ones from my Gr. 3 class at Father Kenneth Kearns School!)
We started with the sign of our faith....
                        and then prayed using some of the words that we pray each day at the end of school...
when we pray for the students to learn their lessons, study hard and remember not to be nervous....
and then the six got to help hand out the prayer bags.
Thank you to the principal at ABJ for thinking of us (last minute at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday
and the parents who said said yes to my quick phone call later that day).
The little ones were so excited to get to go to high school!
I think that having the little ones actually there helped the big ones see that they are important enough to be prayed for by complete strangers.
What a wonderful Christ-filled moment!

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