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Friday, 27 January 2012

We're having "SNOW" much fun!

Some parents were a little bit curious as to why there was a need for rice at school.  I like to keep a few secrets, but I can let you know now.  What do you think you can make from a white sock and some rice?
A snowman, of course!
This wonderful idea came from Reagan Tunstall.  The rice acts like the little plastic 'beans' in the stuffed toys called "Beanie Babies", allowing the snowman to stand up.  The students had to really listen to the oral directions given, and then follow them, step-by-step.
After filling the bottom with rice, it was time to add some 'stuffing'. (Wish I could figure out how to turn the pictures.  I worked on it but wasn't getting anywhere!)
The body is separated from the head with an elastic!  More fiberfill and another elastic before turning the cuff of the sock down to create a little hat.
The students got to choose the eyes, nose, hat decoration, colour of the ribbon for the scarf, and the buttons for the tummy.  Each one is different (and oh so cute!)
Using these snowmen, the students did a few writing activities to finish off the morning.  In the afternoon, the snowmen became models for an exercise to focus on the perspective taken when sketching.  Everyone had to sketch the snowman, looking directly at it (nose to nose as it were!).
The students could then turn the snowman to any angle and sketch two more little drawings.  Notice how at this angle you can now see that the hat has a yellow pom-pom on the top!

Once all three little drawings were complete, they were 'framed' together, allowing you to view all three perspectives at once.  The 'artists' signed and dated their art work.

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  1. Thank you so much for your darling comment! Your sock snowmen came out so cute! I bet they are all in LOVE with those sweet little snowmen! :)