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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Crazy Cold

BRRRR!  Cold doesn't describe the weather outside.  I think the words to the song that go "Oh! The weather outside is frightful!" might be the best to describe our -43 degrees Celsius (with wind chill) days.
There is always a silver lining and it was my 'builder girls" who built an amazing town during the indoor lunch hour.  I need to bring in some trains, as they informed me that the building on the lid was a train station.  Co-operation makes my heart sing!

A HUGE thank you to two of my darlings who were kind enough to choose a Christmas gift that our whole class can use.  I was given two gift certificates to "Education Station" and along with a $10 off coupon from the website, I was able to use very little money of my own to purchase five new "Hot Dots" pens.  I already have boxes of addition and subtraction flash cards, but only had one pen.  Now at any one time, six students can practise their facts.

The pen uses batteries and when the student pushes the button down on the dot next to the correct answer, the top lights up green and a little voice praises the student.

I tried over and over to catch a picture of the light, but was never actually quick enough.  If the answer is wrong the light is red and the voice suggests that the student "try again."  Just what our class needs!
Thanks for your generousity 'E' and 'M'!

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