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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Visiting the North and a Hospital....A Day in the Life of a Student in Mrs. Matheson's Classroom

Mrs. Matheson met Goota Desmarais about five years ago and was so glad to see her here at our school today through a generous gift made by Shell Canada and Fort Sask. Multicultural Association.  Gotta is from Cape Dorset, Nunavut and shared her stories and her culture with the Grade Two students today.  She brought alive the life of Canadians in the north.
Through her words she explained the true use of many of the items of the Inuit such as the inukshuk, the ulu and the qulliq.  In the above picture she is explaining the traditional way that women made the seal skins soft enough to sew.
This is a traditional ulu made of the shoulder bone from a caribou. Today's ulu would be made of metal and wood, as the Inuit now have access to these materials in their communities.
She shared her food, quite an honour as it came all the way from Cape Dorset.  Here the students are trying a small piece of beluga whale.
These kamik were made by Goota's sister and would cost $2500.00 to purchase, but would last a lifetime!  The students were fascinated with this truly eye-opening presentation!

Later on, the students used their skills to infer what would be happening in the classroom with these materials offering a clue, as well as seeing how their teacher was dressed!
The "teacher's pet" took this photo for us!
Using ideas shared by Catherine Reed and Nancy VandenBerge, our classroom was transformed into a hospital!  The head of surgery shared that there had been a horrible accident and he asked that the student doctors don their gloves and masks and use their scalpels to save the lives of the contractions.  

After surgery, the 'doctors' wrote out their orders for their patients' recovery.

                                                                  Here's my example.
The bulletin board will be completed tomorrow.  The title is not yet up but it will read 
"Contraction Surgery"

I am sure that the student's will be pointing out contractions in their reading now!!

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