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Monday, 6 March 2017

Have you heard about our latest visitors to our classroom?

All this month, we are going to be curious little monkeys in our classroom, just the way that Curious George is curious about his new life in the big city.  The first story was written by H. A. Rey in 1941, which we figured out was 76 years ago!  That means this story was probably read by our grandparents! The students were amazed!
We have quite a collection of George items and books to work with.
The students are really focusing on reading the story and finding the answers to the questions within the story.  They have had the opportunity with a peer and they have been so co-operative in their learning.  These are important skills to have, being able to discuss thoughts, share ideas and perhaps even debate which answer would be better used.
The students get to choose where they will work and that means every little open space is occupied.

Perhaps you have been hearing about Kit?  
I am reading about this young fictional girl who lived during the Great Depression.  I am trying to help the students make connections between their life now and that of a child in the 1930's.  This is to assist them with Historical thinking.  Here is what it says in our Social Studies program of study:

Historical thinking is a process whereby students are challenged to rethink assumptions about the past and to reimagine both the present and the future. It helps students become well-informed citizens who approach issues with an inquiring mind and exercise sound judgment when presented with new information or a perspective different from their own. Historical thinking skills involve the sequencing of events, the analysis of patterns and the placement of events in context to assist in the construction of meaning and understanding. 
Kit comes to life through the artifacts that are also kept in the room.
Kit and her friend Ruthie take apart old sweaters and learn to knit using this wool.  They will give their fathers the scarves they make as Christmas presents.  This led to a 'curiosity' about knitting.....see we are like George!.....and one of the girls wrote a note to Mrs. Scott asking if she could visit our classroom and demonstrate how to knit.
Today was the day.  They listened,
and watched,
and learned the new vocabulary of cast on, knit and purl.
Thank you Mrs. Scott for teaching us something new!

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