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Monday, 2 November 2015

We got mail!

In this time of technology, the simple pleasure of getting something in the mail is somehow, even sweeter!  We got mail today! There are lots of incidental learning just in looking at the envelope to see our address (in the middle of the envelope), the address of the person who sent it (that is in the left hand top corner) and the stamps (on the top right hand corner).  Did you ever explain to your child why we put stamps onto a piece of mail?  Not a single child could tell me today that it was to pay for the service of having the mail delivered.  That was surprising to me!!
Here's what was inside!  The envelope was full of large red maple leaves that had been collected by my brother in law and his puppy, Sprocket, and sent to our room by my best ever sister in law.  They live in Ontario, where maple trees aren't as rare as they are here in Alberta.  The students oohed and ahead over the colours and the size!
They are going to adorn our Social Studies duotang.  Nothing says Canada like a big bright red maple leaf!  Thanks for thinking of us!

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