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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Our 50th Day of School Celebration...Days One and Two

The 50th day of school is a reason to celebrate.  Even our friend, Kit, donned her poodle skirt and saddle shoes to join in the fun activities in the classroom.
The students compared life for a child in the 1950's with their own life today.  They looked at clothing, music, books, diners and toys as some of the examples.  They got to see readers that were used in classrooms, saw the gold, silver and red or green stars that the teacher would put onto very special school assignments, learned about mucilage glue, cellotape and tin lunch kits with thermos inside for milk or juice.
The girls created a picture of the poodle skirt and saddle shoes that a girl might wear and the boys made a picture with rolled up jeans with their saddle shoes. 
Each student got a chance to choose an idea that they could write a comparison sentence about such as "In the 1950's girls would wear a poodle skirt but today girls wear leggings."
"In the 1950's a boy would wear slicked back hair but today boys wear their hair without anything in it."
The students paired up and played a dice game to continue to practise their basic addition facts, or

they raced to the number 50, which also involved adding on.

Tuesday morning, thanks to many parents, the students got to try root beer floats! The science learned during this treat tied in well with the states of matter.  We discussed the state of liquid, and the qualities that liquids exemplify, talked about solids and how solids and liquids do not share the same qualities.  Finally, when we opened the bottle of root beer, we discovered the third state, which is gas and had a great discussion about how gas is not the same a gasoline.
We predicted whether the ice cream would sink or float when it was added to the cup of root beer.  Guess which one it did!
We also talked about and observed the changes that happened when the root beer and ice cream were stirred together and the reason that so many more bubbles were produced.
Even though I hope they remember all that science information,
the truth is that they really loved this little treat!

The students created records (no they didn't all know what those were!) that were labeled with greater than 50 and less than 50  on each side.  They were shown a number between one and one hundred and then had to decide which side of the record those numbers should be placed.

The making of the root beer floats led to an introduction on how to write instructions.  After the entire class created a plan and looked at the elements that needed to be included, they created a paper root beer float book with a three page set of directions.
This gal wrote "Pour (oops - pout??) the root beer slowly into the cup but also have fun."
Step Two: "Scoop the ice cream up and put it in the cup carefully and the bubbles pop and it is fun."
Step Three: "Drink with a straw and it tastes very good."

Monday afternoon is the sock hop!  Can't wait!

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