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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Prairie Garden Farms

Prairie Graden Farms is really a reasonable ride from our little town to Bon Accord, even if you are in a bus full of excited students.  We were met by a staff member who led us on a wonderful adventure, giving our 'town' kids a taste of country life.  If you see these six faces over and over, it's because I had them in my group!
We started at the corn maze, which luckily, the students were able to lead me out of!
Good thing there's a tall stile, where you can survey the lay of the land if you are a little bit lost!
We got the chance to create our own scarecrow.

Who knew that straw could be so itchy?

We couldn't wait for the train ride.  We waved at all the people as we travelled around,

and saw so many cool sites, including

a pumpkin man stuck in a tree!
We met, petted and learned about these two sheep, who were just growing a warmer wooly coat.

Some students wanted to go into the Haunted House, but not everyone!
We even got to choose our own pumpkin, which we will be using in the classroom.
What a lot of noise, OOPS, music the students made in the Musical Garden,
before visiting the Enchanted Forest.
We enjoyed the puppet show where fox got tricked out of having Rabbit Soup.
Cookies for us all as we watched.
We were sad to leave because there was so much more to do!

Thanks for these great volunteers who helped us enjoy the day.
Remember, we need four volunteers on Friday October 30 when we go to Kidz Quarterz!

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