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Friday, 30 October 2015

Floating Pumpkins and Floating Children!

One of the perks of our visit to Prairie Garden Farms is that each child got to pick a small pumpkin as their very own.  We have kept these pumpkins in our classroom and this week we used those pumpkins in math!  We found out that even though pumpkins are heavy, they can float.  The students were trying to figure out why.  Is it because they are full of air, which is what one student guessed?
We measured how many blocks tall the pumpkins were, how many blocks would go around the circumference, and 
how many blocks would be equal to the weight of the pumpkin.
For seven weeks in October, November and December, our class has swimming lessons on Thursday afternoons.  I thought you would like to see how well your children are enjoying their time in the water.

The students are at different levels and so are learning different skills.  Thank you for agreeing to provide this important life skill for your child.

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