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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Provincial Achievement Tests next week

Over the next few days, the children and I will be spending some time learning 'how' to take the multiple choice tests that are given at Grade Three here in the province of Alberta.  I don't stress about them and I work really hard to ensure that the students don't stress about them.  One little guy asked if I was going to send how 'practise tests' because he was already doing tests at home to get ready.

I admire any parent who gets involved in whatever way that they do, in their child's education.
In the past I have sent home 'practise' tests and here's what I have found: the majority of families are just too darn busy doing dance competitions, lacrosse/soccer/baseball tournaments to find time to add one more thing on their plate.  The students have learned everything that they will need to know to accomplish their best next Tuesday and Thursday.  Some will remember everything that they are meant to do: read through the entire passage and all the answers before choosing the best answer, re-read and double check, take your time, use what you know, don't leave any questions out and if you're really not sure, then take a good guess.....and some won't.

I am not trying to sound glib, but I want you to put this in child has ever been denied university entrance based on Grade 3 PAT exams.  Do I want them to 'knock their socks off' over at the government offices where the tests are marked?  You bet! But I won't push so hard that they are afraid, or worried or scared.  Instead, I want them to think 'that was easy' and walk away with their heads held high!

What can you do to help them?  Tell your child that you love them, and that you believe in them. Ensure that they have a good night's sleep (no staying awake past 8:00!) and feed them a nourishing breakfast.  Hug them tight!  When it's all over ask them questions like:  What was the easiest question on the test?  Which one did you have to re-read?  Was there a question that was a bit tricky?  How did you figure it out?  Which question did you have to take a guess at?  Let them tell you all about it!

I was impressed with this great article.  Go ahead and take a look!

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