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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Moving on...

On Wednesday, the Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three students from St. Theresa Catholic School took a little "road trip" to their new home for September 2013.  As our blessed school closes, we change from cheering for The Hawks to being The Royals.
Our new home will be Madonna Catholic School, and like with St. Theresa, this will be the second time in my careet that I will be teaching in this school.
The three classes of Grade Three (soon to be the oldest students at Madonna in Grade 4) met and played a couple of games that helped them meet each other.  There were smiles all around.
After they played their games, they returned to the gymnasium to sing before being given a treat to remember the day...a lovely lollipop and a skipping rope!

The afternoon brought a new kind of reality to our closing.  We celebrated mass in the gymnasium, only fitting to do so and honour our namesake.

We showered her with flowers.
Father Jack Hamilton blessed us all, and reminded us of the words of St. Theresa. He reminded us that we can take our lessons with us and spread the blessings to others we meet.   
The students learned that Father Dan, who dilgently visited us every month, bringing Jesus' word and song into our classes, would also be moving on.  He will leave Alberta for Victoria B.C. in September.
During mass, the students sang and worshipped...
 smiled and...
We Love You, St. Theresa!


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