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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Leduc #1 (but post #2)!

We were blessed with wonderfully knowledgable guides.  This gentleman explained how the oil and natural gas actually got underground, and how it is found.
We didn't have enough time to explore all the amazing models of different rigs, both land and water.  They were breathtaking!
This display showed the changes in the safety gear worn over the years by the men working on the rigs.  The students learned that modern hardhats (made of petroleum products) are much safer to wear than the aluminum ones worn back in the 1940's.
The students got to pretend that they were the cleaning mechanisms that are put into pipelines. They
are called "smart pigs" because as they go through the pipes, they squeal, just like little piggies do!
Safety first!  Hardhats were mandatory on the deck of the rig.
The lovely man in the blue hardhat told us all about how to run the rig.  He himself had worked on the Turner Valley rigs when he was only 18 years old!
He kept over 40 students mesmerized with his stories.
It was a wonderful experience....
...and made us really understand how our natural resources in Alberta allow us to be a province in charge of our own economy.
The students will be bringing home these little invitations to attend a day at the Leduc #1 summer camp.  It's very reasonably priced and allows the students a better understanding of our province for their studies next year when Alberta becomes the focus.

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