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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Celebrating Easter Ukrainian Style!

Just like in real like, no two artists interpret what they see the same way!
Now that the students had completed a paper "pysanky'...
...they got to move onto one that was a little more real!
Using a gift certificate that one of the little ones gave  our class as a Christmas present, I purchased wooden eggs.  The students used a pencil to draw on traditional designs,
then added colour using 'Sharpie' pens because they have permanent ink.
The students were very careful,
and focused on this project.
What a wonderful surprise we got today!  A box came from the book company Amazon, and I couldn't imagine what it could hold.  We have a lovely lady in Ajax, Ontario who faithfully follows our classroom blog and comments on the learning that the students are doing.  She asked if she could send a gift to our class and that was what was in the box!  Many students love Magic Treehouse books.  I didn't know that there is a series that is very similar, but Canadian based.  It's called Canadian Flyer and the two main characters travel through time to important events in Canada's history.  We were lucky enough to receive two, one about the Titanic but also one about the gold rush.  This young lad loves Magic Treehouse and has read almost all of them.  His ear to ear grin is because he now has a new series to read!  Thank you to our generous friend who made the donation!

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