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Monday, 3 September 2012

Welcome to Mrs. Matheson's Grade Three Classroom!

Tomorrow I will be welcoming 19 new friends into my classroom.  I expect that we will learn a great deal about the world, about Jesus and about each other in the next ten months.
In front of my desk is a small table that has extra crayons, scissors, three hole punch, our sharp pencils for the day, stapler and our bathroom frames.  When a student needs to leave the class, as long as I am not actively teaching, they do not need to ask for permission.  They take the appropriate frame (Boys or Girls) and place it on their desk.  That way when I scan the room, I will notice who is missing.
We will not be spending the entire day in our individual desks.  The students and I will be meeting many times a day, on the rug, to work on concepts, discuss, share and learn from each other.
The students will be following a "Daily Five" program.  This is a way to organize their reading/viewing/listening/writing part of their day to ensure that the students are given opportunities to practice the 5 areas that research says are most important for success.  You will be hearing more about this throughout the year.
This is our 'Daily Five' and 'Cafe' board.  Cafe stands for comprehension, accuracy, fluency and extending vocabulary.  The beanie babies above are related to the strategies that the children will learn about and practice in their Language Learning classtime.
This is our Word Wall, full of words that are appropriate for students to know at this skill level.
These beanie babies are relating strategies that the students learned in the previous two grades for decoding unfamiliar words.  They are up to act a gentle reminder of what they already know!
If the manner in which a student is going home changes, please let me know through a note in the agenda.  Each child has a clip to show the manner that they are getting home.
Many hands make light work, so the students will have 'jobs' to do each week, on a rotational basis.
All of our classroom roles and responsibilities are positively phrased on our "BEE" wall.
Jesus is the reason for our school.  He is our ever present teacher.  May His blessings continue to fall upon each and everyone of us, today, tomorrow and for the school year.

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