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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September? Where did it go?

It really has been a very busy month!  The students have settled into the classroom routines so very well and are showing interest in all the different learning that we are doing!
Sometimes we need to stop and take a look at where we have come from.... this 'reflection' idea that I found somewhere on the internet.  The students got the opportunity to think about perspective in this art project!
Daily Five rocks!  The students have reached 20 minutes of stamina for "Read to Self" which they can do anywhere in the classroom.  They have been introduced to "Listen to Reading " (using the iPads), "Working on Writing" and "Word Work" and have built up to 12 to 15 minutes of stamina for each of those activities.  The final part "Listen to Others" will probably be introduced in November, once the rotation system is firmly in place.  It's so cool to hear them complain if we're too busy to get the "Read to Self" into the day!
 The caterpillars have been growing and molting and growing some more.  Sadly, the first batch that we received had a few diseased caterpillars and many didn't make it.  The second batch seems ready to move to the chrysalis (3rd) stage.  Here's a little guy hanging in the tell tale "J" shape...that's his head on the bottom and his backside is firmly attached with a silk button on the top of the lid.
It is taking the students a while to understand that our creatures DO NOT SPIN COCOONS.  That is done by moths.  These creatures molt around the fifth time into this stage (PUPA) and are seen as a chrysalis.  The creature is inside, going through METAMORPHOSIS.  That little fluffy bit at that top is the caterpillar's skin from it's last molt.

It's a really busy week coming up.  Remember:
a) Monday - Oct. 1 - Picture orders are due/Turkey homework is due
b) Tuesday - Oct. 2 - Students dress as a book character for Read In Week
c) Wednesday - Oct. 3 - Mass @ OLPH @ 9:30/early dismissal
d) Friday - Oct. 5 - Professional Development Day - no school for students only
e) Monday - Oct. 8 - Thanksgiving - School is not open for Canadian holiday

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