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Monday, 11 September 2017

The trouble with David!

Earlier in the month, this wonderful book about a little boy named David became our focus for creating our own classroom book, which you can see below.

David Shannon, the author of this book, also wrote other books about David.  We used the other books 'David at School' and 'David in Trouble' to help us think about how we should follow God's rules and be a peacemaker.
The students had the opportunity to create David, following verbal directions and watching each step before trying that step on their own.  Each and every David that was made has his own personality, and helped me as the teacher see the individual students' own ability and fine motor skills.  It helps me to know what to work on next, which is often called 'assessment for learning.'

All these wonderful happy little boys bring a smile to my face!
Our school division has adopted a policy that basically asks each classroom teacher to assist students in making 'the heathy choice, the first choice.'  To that end, I am encouraging all my little ones to choose a fruit or a vegetable from their lunch kits for their morning snacks.
We've seen a great variety and the students find that with the natural sugars, they are able to sustain their focus better until they get to eat their large lunches around 12:20.

The children are sent outside for their recess without a snack.  This allows them to play and move and 'get their sillies out' during recess.  Once they come in, we take about five minutes to each our fruit or vegetable snack.  Help keep them healthy and ready to learn by ensuring their is a fruit or vegetable in their lunch kit each and every day!  Their bodies thank you!

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