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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Goodness! Gracious! Great days of Learning!

The students had a lot of fun using this idea that Kelley Dolling shared with me.  The students used a Hersey's Hug to land on a word on their adjective mat.  Whatever word they landed on, they wrote that word onto the next blank in their story.  It was a 'sweet' way to practise adjectives!

They were giggling all the way through their assignment.
Most of the students got to share their silly stories with the class who were tickled pink with the funny  phrases such as "smelly classmate" and "bubbly mind"

The students also got to make little bags to carry their Valentines home in.  They tried to make themselves!
I loved the details such as the boy who added his glasses and
the one who decided he had both yellow and brown hair.
The "Healthy Living" team from the Student Leadership Squad organized an event for the entire school.  The 'Jump Rope for Heart' presenters came and did an interactive demonstration, showing our kiddos how important keeping our hearts healthy is.
The kiddos loved the different tricks that were shown using the skipping ropes and
cheered on the teachers and students in a jump rope contest.
Here's the pledge we took as a school.

Later in the afternoon, the students got to hand out their Valentines to each other,
and check out the 'loot.'
Remembering our pledge to eat healthy, we ate apple slices as we watched 
Good ol' Charlie Brown!

The fun just hasn't stopped and the students were lucky to have groups of Grade Four students come into the classroom today to show some of their work on an author, using their Chromebooks.
The Grade 4 students were well prepared and polite as they shared
slides and video clips with the Grade 2 students.
It was a perfect Segway  because we tried to get onto Chrome books for the first time today.

Let's just say that the one teacher to 24 student ratio meant that I was more than a little busy but in the end, they all managed to get onto the Google search engine to start their project based learning activity in math.  It should be a steep learning curve but we'll get there.

Is it going to be quiet tomorrow?  I doubt it because it is the 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!

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