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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Fun Fridays!

On the first Friday that we were back after our Christmas holidays, we had a visit from the inschool field trip providers, Teacher's Pet.  This time the focus was on the life in the past in the Acadia communities found in Nova Scotia.  Our presenter has the students at the word 'paint'!
Using cute wooden lighthouses, the students painted them in the colours found in the Acadian flag.
The students were very engaged,
as they were as they played a game moving around a giant game board as they learned about the culture of the people.
Music is part of culture, so they got got a chance to play 'the spoons', to some toe tapping music.
One parent led them in learning about the chores of the children which included making butter.
What a brilliant way to do this; each child got a small pill bottle filled with cream and were able to shake their own vial until it was butter.

It also allowed them to take their own home.
The activities helped make a real impression on the students and I am sure they will remember more about the Acadians because of this hands on set of activities.

Have you ever heard of The R.E.A.L foundation?
This group supports Catholic education for EICS through many fundraising activities and we were the recipients of some of those funds, this past Friday through a full day of  activities centered around Christ.  The presenters are from Saskatchewan.  They lead the students, almost in a manner of a rock concert, to "love God, know God, serve God"  This picture is from a concert they had at Cold Lake.

Click on the purple words to watch them on Youtube.

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