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Friday, 3 June 2016

I want S'More!

The students had an amazing hands-on energy filled day!  Check your e-mails to see the videos of the students testing out their dams.  Their goal was to "make a dam out of popsicle sticks and plasticine."  They knew that they would be successful if "the water does not get to the other side of the plastic container."  It was a wonderful rich learning experience for them all.  I loved the vocabulary that was being used: stablize,  reinforce, absorb!  

We've been patiently waiting for a day just like today to try out those 'contraptions' that we made out of pizza boxes.  Did you guess that they were solar ovens?

The students got to each make their own little sandwich that was going to be cooked through the power of the sun!
They broke the graham cracker in half, put one on top of the other, put on a section of chocolate and then added a marshmallow on top.

Into the oven it went and about an hour later, we brought the oven inside.
The bottom graham cracker went on top of the marshmallow, got a bit squished between some excited fingers and then CHOMP!

The best science day ever!  What can the power of the sun do?  I bet these little ones won't forget that the sun has enough energy that it can cook!

I expect that a few budding scientists are going to be asking mom and dad to make a solar cooker at home this weekend!

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