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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Solar beads

We're continuing to learn about energy.  Today we focused on the power of the sun, or solar energy.
 After watching some videos that explained how we need to protect our bodies from the sun's rays, we used these cool beads...UV beads...and did an experiment.
I brought in three different strengths of sunscreen.  The beads were coated in the sunscreen.
We followed this pattern to create a bracelet,
and then we went outside to see what would happen.  We were so surprised to learn that the UV beads ALL changed colour!  What does that mean?  Does sunscreen really protect us from the rays of the sun?  It led to an interesting discussion and many, many connections to the student's own experiences.  It was critical thinking at work!  I expect many of them will be showing up with hats and sunglasses tomorrow!

After lunch I found these lovely lilacs and notes on my desk!  I guess I'll have to work harder on their spelling but the sentiments of "Thank you for being a great teacher" and "The flowers are for you.  Thank you for being our teacher."  made my heart sing!

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