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Friday, 26 February 2016

Our weather is delightful!

Thanks to a special teacher in the United States who shared her idea for creating clouds to assist the students in remembering their various roles.  I might have based this bulletin board on her idea!
It's always fun to see a model to help understand how things work!  Using shaving cream as the cloud and the jar of water as the atmosphere, blue drops of food colouring were added until the cloud was full (think condensation) and then we witnessed precipitation!
The Alberta curriculum focuses on problem solving with partners in every subject area.  It's one of the reasons that our class has tables, to allow the students to work collaboratively when appropriate.  The students worked on finding information (research) about different aspects of weather such as rain, snow, tornadoes, rainbows.  They were given the choice of working alone or with a partner and they were given opportunities to search in non-fiction books as well as using the internet.

The students search using the search engine Kiddle.  I believe it is sponsored by Google or is a Google product, but it is a safer search engine, designed to avoid those OOPS moments when searching a topic by a younger child.  As some of the students found out, searching for something other than the required topic, means that they lose the privilege of using an electronic device in the classroom.  We work on being digitally aware students too!

There was a happy hum of learning!  I love that sound!
Today the students made snowmen, but using some very unusual materials!
There were socks, elastics and rice.
They filled the socks with about 3 scoops of rice, an elastic was used and then another scoop of rice added before another elastic was used.

The top of the sock was rolled down and the students knew what was created.
Each student got to choose the fabric for the scarf, the pom pom for the top of the hat, the buttons and then they used sharpie pens to add the nose and mouth details.  I wonder what a group of snowmen are called?  Herd? Gaggle? Flurry???

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