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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Student Faith and Wellness Day

It's a difficult task to try and capture what our Student Faith and Wellness Day is really about.  This day centres around the students at the school exploring what they are interested in, in a variety of small sessions throughout the day.  There is a HUGE faith component to this day as we are given the gift of Face to Face Ministries  to be the anchor for all the students.  This is provided through the REAL Foundation, a dedicated group that brings our Catholic identity to the forefront through experiences at the schools and the parish.
My students were given four choices for their two sessions during the day.  Students in Grades 3 and 4 had more choices, but it can be overwhelming to have that much choice!
The day began with the whole school meeting together in the multipurpose room, hearing the message that God loves  you, period  from Face to Face Ministries.  There was a choice session to go to in the morning, another visit with Face to Face, a choice session in the afternoon and a final whole school concert at the end of the day.
Some of my students chose the session on responsibility and were given the opportunity to create a t-shirt demonstrating their own knowledge and involvement in an act of responsibility.  Some chose to show traffic rules, some chose to show their own chores at home and some chose their involvement with friends and families.  They enjoyed the process.

Another choice that my students were given was to try karate.  They learned the importance of being safe, being active and being aware during this time.

Here is a session that my students didn't get to try.  It was about making 'healthy' pizza.
'Art from the Heart', another session choice for Grade Two involved putting their own talents to work.

The 4th session that my students could attend was about the care and rehabilitation of wildlife that might be injured.  The students learned that not all animals are meant to be touched and that there are reasons that a fawn, bunny or duckling might not have its mother around.  They learned not to assume that they needed to intervene and to never touch wildlife without first asking an adult.

The rest of the photos are during one of the three times we joined Face to Face and sang, danced and praised God.

(Game played with Gr. 2 and 3 during the morning session with Face to Face)

They loved the fact they were encourage to scream!

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