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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Math Ring

In the Kanga Pouch or Reading Folder another evening activity will be added.  The Math Rings will be individualized in that, as the student accomplishes the math facts presented, then new facts will be added to learn.  Entering Grade Two, the addition and subtraction facts to 5 should have been learned.  This means that the student KNOWS them, or he or she might have memorized them.  That supports their potential success in math problems.  If the student is still counting, or needs to touch objects to figure out the quantity, they have a bit more work to do.
The yellow card explains the process and asks for your active assistance to ensure that your child has a solid foundation set.  There are opportunities for assessment weekly in the classroom but I cannot exactly say which day each student will be seen individually, so the reminder is to have the math ring travel back and forth in the same way that the 'Read to Someone' home reading book does.
To start off simply this week, please cut apart the cards, punch a hole in the corner of each card and begin with having your child be able to read the words for the numbers zero to eleven.  
HINT: Don't put them in order, that would be too easy!

I truly appreciate your assistance.  Can you imagine the time it would take for me to do this for 20 students each week?  

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