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Sunday, 30 August 2015

School starts tomorrow! Come visit the classroom!

Welcome to Mrs. Matheson's Grade Two classroom!  I am going to take you on a little tour of the room.  Here is the board next to the classroom's entrance.  Soon it will be covered with a variety of student's work all about the alphabet.
Behind the classroom door I have placed our POPCORN words, named because they keep 'pooping' up in our stories.  The students will be focusing on remembering all of these words over the first few weeks.
Here is what the classroom looks like from the front door.
Just to the right, as you walk in, is our Calendar with so  many different ways to talk about numbers, weather and calendar.
To the left as you walk in is the teacher table where small groups will gather for guidance in reading, writing and math.  It's a busy place!
Each table has a variety of materials available for the students at that table to share as they work.
Our first focus this month will be reviewing the alphabet, numbers and colours.  Bill Martin Jr. has two great books that we will be using "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and "Brown Bear".
This is the first of our gathering spots on the floor.  We will hold our Morning Meetings here.  The white shelves will be housing our blue bins that have all of our school materials in them.

Here's our second gathering spot, with different learning materials in each of the black bins.
We follow the Fountas and Pinnell leveling for reading within our school district, so I have leveled all of my classroom books.  The students will be using these books as part of their home reading program.
On the side shelf are more supplies that we use as a community.  To the left as you look at this photo, is where all of the student's duotangs and scribblers will be kept, neatly organized and ready to use.
One of the most important areas in our class is our Religion table, where we ensure that we remember that Jesus is Our Ever Present Teacher.
From this area just to the left of the Religion area, are all the technology components to run the computer and SMARTBoard.
The SMARTBoard is front and center and is used all day long!
Here's a little shelf that will play a part in our independent Word Work during Daily Five activities.
Teacher's Desk, always a busy active area, but I never get to sit there during the day!  I am too busy interacting with the children!
Meet Kit.  She has joined our classroom this year and will be a vital part of our learning about life in the past.  She's ready for her first day with her backpack and binder.

See you all on Monday, August 31.  Classes begin at 8:45!

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