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Sunday, 8 March 2015

With all this melting can Spring be far away?

I am sure that this is what it is going to look like on the playground tomorrow.

Here are my suggestions for dressing your kiddo so that you don't get a phone call to come and pick your child up or to bring dry clothes to the school:

a) Ensure that your child is wearing could be a better choice to do rubber boots than snow boots.
b) Ensure that your child is wearing a coat and NOT a 'hoodie'...we need to be mindful that it really is still Winter and that spring colds will abound if the children are not warm enough.  The wind can be quite cold on these early Spring days.
c) Ensure that your child is wearing 'slush' pants....and if you don't have those yet, then still send the snow pants and explain to your child that they will not be used to be warm, but to stay dry.
d) Send a bag of extra pants, socks and underwear in a disposable plastic bag at the bottom of their school bag, because we all know that the water will just be too tempting to stay away from!

Just know that if your child is drenched, that phone call will have to be made, so a reminder that you can't come to school to rescue them, might go a lot further than my reminder to stay out of the puddles.

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