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Friday, 23 May 2014

Speed Stacking and Goodbye to our butterflies!

Did you know that there are actual competitions for cup stacking?
Our students are preparing for a tournament here are the school in early June.
There are different types of stacks that can be created with the cups and the students have been practicing them all.  Once they are able to do the series, then they began to work at speed, working with a partner for the doubles competition and even working towards entering a relay team.
It's been great to watch and so very good for them as they have to use both hands, and thus, both sides of their bodies.
There's a whole 'lingo' that comes with the sport, including up stacking
and cycle.
Since the weather has been so co-operative, the butterflies have been released, hopefully to begin their life cycle again through the laying of eggs on an appropriate host plant.
It was an exciting week as we watched them emerge from their chrysalis,

then take a tentative flight out of the cages,
until they were out in God's lovely world.

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